July 25, 2021

FC Barcelona: The defense of Barcelona

FC Barcelona: The defense of Barcelona

FC BarcelonaTOUncertainties, doubts and errors weigh down the performance of the rearguard

The defense of Barcelona is not what it was. Now here near. Its pillars are wobbly and their substitute substitutes are not up to par. It no longer causes envy. It is not the insurmountable wall of other seasons. In fact, it is the most scored team in LaLiga of the top eight. He has conceded 11 goals and in only two games he has left his goal to zero. All its components are, in one way or another, marked, to the chagrin of a Valverde for whom solidity and forcefulness is one of his football premises. The only one who is saved isTer Stegen. Luck of the German.

There is no player behind that this season is not going through some kind of discomfort, either directly, as Gerard Piqu, whose mistakes in the last games are evident and he himself has recognized, or indirectly, as Jordi Alba: it has no substitute. Others, like Lenglet, Vermaelen, Semedo or Umtiti are far from their best version. Valverde is rotating and introducing changes back, but none is working. An.

The Portuguese have played five of the eight games of LaLiga. It is having, therefore, prominence.Ernesto Valverde has given him opportunities, because he also wants Sergi Roberto midfielder and because of the injury of the canterano, but the Luso is not taking advantage of them. In fact he is having some outstanding failures: he shows concentration errors, he lacks precision with the ball, when he raises the band he has excessive problems to cover his side, he is hesitant … Against Tottenham in Champions, for example, he showed some deficiencies important

Sergi Roberto has become essential for Barcelona and his absence is a real headache for Ernesto Valverde, who tries to get the most out of Reus.The technician wanted to shore up the spine with the fourth captainand try Semedo on the side, but the result is not entirely satisfactory. The Portuguese does not provide either security or serenity or the supporters raised to the attack of Sergi Roberto.The canterano, in addition, is not playing the last collisions for injury. Drag an elongation in the front rectum of the right leg since the match against Athletic Bilbao.

The Catalan is being involuntary protagonist of some outstanding failures in this season start, as he himself admits. In the last shockHe has not been at the level he usually shows and that has made him one of the best defenders in the world. Errors of position, marking and concentration have diminished their capacity and contributions in this beginning. Against Girona, the Legans, Tottenham, Athletic Bilbao and Valencia have made outstanding failures that help explain the overall performance of the defense. Gerard Piqu is one of the pillars in the Barca rearguard and if he is wrong, the whole line accuses him and suffers.

The impressive French defender has already had a somewhat irregular end of the last academic year, and this start is not showing the excellent performance he exhibited in previous moments as a cul and with the gala selection.. But what concerns Barcelona, ​​and Ernesto Valverde, is the injury that drag and whose prognosis is an unknown. The defender has discomfort in the left knee that has prevented him from participating in the last crashes. It is not clear when you can return because, in fact, some sources point to Umtiti going through the operating room. The big tandem he formed with Piqu has been broken. They are not safe anymore.

The participation of the French is being as intermittent as it is not decisive. The ex-defense of Sevilla has intervened in five of the eleven meetings that Barcelona has played, between the Supercopa, LaLiga and the Champions, and has been a starter in three. In one of those that left home, against Girona, he was sent off when he saw the red card for elbowing Pere Pons. It was the 34th minute and forced Barcelona to overexert. The defender is not yet at the great level he showed in Sevilla. He needs to adapt, pick up the pace and fit into the defense. The picture brought almost 40 million per l.

The veteran Belgian footballer, who concludes his contract in June, is one of the players who is least involved in this start. In LaLiga, he has participated in two meetings,against the Legans jug of left side and this past day, against Valencia, left central. In neither of the two clashes was especially successful. Valverde has tried as a replacement to Jordi Alba, but the experiment did not like him and came to the conclusion that the former of Arsenal is more central. But in Mestalla he did not show his best version either.It is difficult to have continuity.

The defender of L'Hospitalet has no spare. As is. Ernesto Valverde does not have any man in the dressing room of the first team who can supply him and, despite the promise of resorting to Miranda, has not yet done so. It is a lack that worries you. He wants to have all the positions folded. His attempt to bet on Vermaelen in that position, played against the Legans, did not have a satisfactory result, since the coach and the club are seriously considering signing a left-handed at the next winter market. All cross the fingers so that Jordi Alba is not injured. Do not get a cold.


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