FC Barcelona Elections: Víctor Font or how to recover Xavi Hernández for the Barça cause | sports

FC Barcelona Elections: Víctor Font or how to recover Xavi Hernández for the Barça cause | sports

Víctor Font (Granollers, 46 years old), entrepreneur and consultant in the telecommunications and technology sector, resident in Dubai, aspires to chair FC Barcelona as the leader of Yes to the future. Personal friend of Ferran Soriano and Marc Ingla (former vice-presidents of Barcelona and members of the Board of Directors of Joan Laporta), co-founder and CEO of Delta Partners, as well as advisor and shareholder of Diari Ara, he has been working for years, he says, to build a project for Barça of the future, that in a few years will lose Leo Messi and the best generation of players in Barça history, "with a bestial competitive gene." This was explained in a presentation that counted with the collaboration of journalist Antoni Bassas.

Font's project aims to revolutionize the management model of the entity, now "highly presidential and interventionist"; as well as the economic model, which "is obsolete, because to match it the club needs at the end of the year to sell players for a value of at least 100 million euros." Regarding the sporting direction, this would be in the hands, necessarily, of a former soccer player of the club, so as to guarantee the continuity of the football that one day imposed at the Camp Nou Johann Cruyff, said Font. "We have to be very clear about the model and the style of play and also who knows more about this style. We have a commitment to the game of possession of Cruyff and his winning inheritance. "

It was not clear if that charge would be immediately for Xavi Hernández, or if initially the fantastic midfielder of Terrassa will be the coach that Font will present as one of the great names of his supposed candidacy, the one with which he aspires to succeed Josep in the presidency. Maria Bartomeu, who should call elections in 2021 and who can no longer run for re-election. In any case, the Catalan entrepreneur did make it clear that Xavi will be at his side and will also lead this project for the future: "In Xavi I found a person with a lot of common sense. I have spoken with him and said: 'You will coach Barça regardless of who presides the club, but that will be a few years, when we finish we want these club people to work within the structure. That is the best way to preserve the future of the club. We are working with him, I hope we can help him lead the future project of Barcelona. "

We do not know very well if Víctor Font is the opposition to the current board of directors of FC Barcelona, ​​the one he believes should be formed according to a series of purely professional criteria, in which "experience and meritocracy" should prevail. It is not known why Font, who says he wants to introduce himself because "there is a real need" and sees no alternatives, invited the current board of directors to the meeting and, among others, the board's spokesman, Josep Vives, was among the audience. There were also men like Carles Puyol or Joan Gaspart.

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