Tue. Jul 16th, 2019

Father's day, in 16 apps | Innovation

Father's day, in 16 apps | Innovation

Father's Day was celebrated for the first time in Spain around 1950, however, this festival has been evolving over the years and today, with more and more family models on the rise, it takes more and more strength the celebration of Family Day, especially in schools. 57% of Spaniards consider that celebrating Family Day instead of Father's Day and Mother's Day is a good initiative that responds to the increase in single-parent, homo-parental and all types of families other than the traditional .

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In any case, as everything in the end is an excuse to talk about our book, we propose 15 apps for this Father's Day. And it does not matter if you're not a father, by the way.


  • LingokidsFor parents who care about their children's English learning and why they consume quality content through mobile devices.


  • Bnext
    To get your finances in shape, hire the best financial products and manage all your accounts through a single platform.


  • Q12 Trivia
    To spend a pleasant, entertaining and fun time answering questions that test your general culture and with the possibility of earning cash.


  • Whtmatters
    To organize your important photos in albums, adding comments that fix your memories, and with the possibility of sharing them with family and friends.
  • Snapseed
    For lovers of photography. It includes all the essential tools and some extra interesting ones, as well as filters that can be adjusted with precision.
  • Photolab
    Simple, fast and simple photo editor, which allows you to make photomontages (covers of magazines, hats, celebrities, monsters ...) various effects, filters and frames.


  • Civitatis
    To get the most out of your trips by finding and easily booking hundreds of activities, guided tours and excursions in Spanish around the world.
  • Maps.me
    This application gives us the opportunity to previously download the maps of the city we are going to visit and thus be able to use it without mobile data or without wifi.
  • Pirate travelers
    To access offers of flights, hotels and vacation packages. It tracks the best offers on the Web and offers suggestions according to the filters pre-set by the user.


  • Endomondo
    For fans of running, hiking or biking they want to keep track of their physical activity, create personal challenges and even challenge friends.
  • Freeletics
    It is a training program in various modalities that also helps you monitor nutrition.


  • Fixy
    For clueless parents who are more at ease geolocating the place where they park their vehicle, they can even check the ride back to it from their location
  • Family Calendar - FamCal
    To share in one place calendars, events, tasks, birthday reminders, etc., so that all family members are synchronized.
  • Mobile Pocket
    To release the wallet and carry on the mobile all loyalty cards and discount gas stations, shops, cinemas, airlines, etc., also receiving offers and discounts.
  • Qustodio
    It works invisibly. No one knows what is installed. It allows you to see at a minute what applications are used, the searches carried out, the websites visited or the social networks used and the friendships with which the children of the house interact online.


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