April 20, 2021

Father Leopoldo López asks the European Parliament to act after Bachelet's harsh report on Venezuela

"It is time for the European Parliament to take action following the commitment call of the UN High Commissioner in this report, we will work harder to stop this serious crisis that affects not only Venezuela but also the Latin American region, United States and Europe for the growing exodus of the Venezuelan population displaced to these territories, as a result of the serious economic, health and persecution, "he said.

The report – elaborated from 558 interviews with victims and witnesses of the "serious violations" of Human Rights in Venezuela and eight other countries, the recent visit of Bachelet and "other sources" – accuses the Government of reducing the democratic space and breach its obligation to guarantee food and medical attention, recommending concrete measures to reverse this "complex" situation "immediately."

In this same line, the popular MEP has stressed that it is already working towards this goal and have held several conversations with different spokespersons and institutions to carry out "concrete proposals" to discuss them in the European Parliament.

As highlighted by the father of the Venezuelan opponent, the report prepared by Bachelet "completely unmasks the authoritarian regime of Nicolás Maduro and recognizes human rights violations under a systematic strategy to suppress with excessive force the political opposition and civil society "

It is, as he has apostille, "abuses and violations that have been denounced for several years by different NGOs, victims, relatives and Venezuelan politicians in international instances."

Leopoldo López Gil has been elected, along with Isabel Wiseler Lima, as coordinator by the EPP of the subcommission on Human Rights in the European Parliament, an appointment before which he feels "honored" and from which he will continue to denounce the abuses in of Human Rights.

"We must work to strengthen and rescue democracy in Europe and Latin America," said Lopez Gil on this subcommittee that assists the Foreign Affairs Committee and whose tasks are to ensure coherence between the Union's external policies. in the matter of Human Rights.

Specifically, this subcommission is responsible for issues related to democracy, the rule of law, monitoring dialogues and consultations on human rights, including the rights of minorities, in third countries and the principles of international law.

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