Father Báez, a priest surrounded by controversy

But it is not the first time that the parish priest of Lomo Magullo is involved in the controversy. The priest is a regular on social networks. The 74-year-old Baez's latest controversy took place last January, when he went to Roque Bentayga with a group of 20 people. Adenás removed his mask on several occasions and did not keep the safety distance to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in an access prohibited area due to the risk of landslides.

In October 2019, a woman denounced Fernando Báez before the Civil Guard for allegedly attacking her 17-year-old son during the visit of the Virgen del Pino to the municipality of San MateoThe young man's mother reported this event through her Facebook account, attaching photographs where the marks of the alleged blows to the neck can be seen. Some accusations that Báez himself described as false and assured that he had not received any notification from the Prosecutor's Office.

In September 2018, the parish priest of Lomo Magulo, La Breña and Cazadores He refused to give communion to the exedil of Telde, Héctor Suárez, for "being in mortal sin" having contracted civil marriage months ago with Teldense councilor Gloria Cabera.

In the summer of that same year, it was a national trending topic. And it is that the celebration of the first Drag Queen Gala at the festivities in honor of San José and the Virgen del Pino had, in addition to the curiosity to cede the sacristy to the 10 participants, the members of the troupe Los Diamantes and the drag queen invited to the gala, Ibón de Cuba, artistic name of Iván Melián. It has remained in his history as his most opening gesture.

In addition, his way of seeing life has led him to make fun of traditions. "The Virgin has not appeared anywhere," he confessed, referring to the tradition of Teror, where she is venerated because she would have manifested herself on top of a pine tree in 1481. "It's a lie! Neither in Fatima, nor in Lourdes, nor in Carabanchel, nor in any other part of the world has this happened ... And even less in a pine tree! The Virgin lived in Bethlehem, she was in Jerusalem… Nothing else! ”He denounced with a gesture that obviously did not sit well in the Church.

Also, when Fallen Cliff was named A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the parish priest took the opportunity to charge against this Gran Canaria site.

Cabildo complaint

The Cabildo of Gran Canaria collects the necessary documentation to file a complaint with the Prosecutor's Office, against Fernando Baez Santana, known as the 'father Báez', so that it investigates and qualifies the facts referring to its manifestations that justify the latest crime of 'vicarious violence', on the occasion of the case of the girls of Tenerife, Anna and Olivia Gimeno Zimmermann. In addition, the island president Antonio Morales, has indicated his concern about this matter to the ecclesiastical authorities.

The Ministry of Equality, Diversity and Transparency of the Insular Corporation, directed by Sara Ramírez Mesa, compiles the interventions of 'Father Báez' referring to this case, unanimously recognized as an example of 'vicarious violence', as a case of extreme violence by damaging or murdering women daughters of Beatriz Zimmermann.

Both on radio and on social networks, the priest has made demonstrations in which he considers that the alleged murderer is another victim, due to the marriage breakdown and "infidelity", affirming that the girls would be alive if the mother had not broken the marriage because "before the man put up with the women even if they went crazy". Likewise, he goes so far as to say that the mother "reaps what she sowed", considering that the linking of the girls' mother to a new relationship is "stealing children".


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