September 23, 2020

Father and son arrested for killing young African-American athlete in the U.S.

Authorities in the state of Georgia (USA) arrested two white men – father and son – on Thursday accused of killing a young African American man who played sports in February, believing he was a thief.

The arrest came after a lawyer posted a video of the incident Tuesday, which has created outrage in the United States.

Detainees Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis, 34, are accused of shooting dead Ahmaud Arbery, 25, in a residential neighborhood in the coastal town of Brunswick on February 23.

In the video, recorded on a cell phone by a McMichael colleague, Arbery is seen jogging down a residential street. Then the young man meets the McMichael’s stopped truck and passes it.

It is at that moment that Travis McMichael, who was the driver, gets armed with Arbery and three shots are heard until the young African-American man falls down to the ground. His father, also armed, witnessed what happened standing in the truck bed.

According to the McMichael’s statements to the police after the event, they persecuted him and shot him because they believed he was a thief, however the Arbery family assures that the young man, a former American football player, was only playing sports.

“It is a shame that it has taken more than two months to arrest Ahmaud Arbery’s executioners, but it is better late than never,” family lawyer Benjamin Crump said in a statement.

The broadcast of the video of the incident caused great outrage in the United States, a country where racism continues to be on the agenda.

Despite the confinement measures governing the COVID-19 pandemic, some protests occurred to demand “justice” for Arbery.

In addition, US President Donald Trump called the young man’s death “a very sad thing,” while Georgia Governor Brian Kemp said he saw the video, which he described as “absolutely horrendous.”

Prosecutor Tom Durden announced this week his intention to present him to a grand jury, but the Georgia Bureau of Investigation moved ahead Thursday by arresting them for the crimes of murder and aggravated assault.


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