June 14, 2021

Fat Christmas 2019: The Pythoness is not right with her prediction – La Provincia

The Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery 2019, which is being held this Sunday at the Teatro Real, has dismantled the premonition of a Dominican visionary based in Galicia, who said he knew what would be the 'Fat Christmas'.

The premonition of Elsa Altagracia pointed out that the tenth winner of the draw would be 86098, something that has not happened. In fact, the pythoness number little or nothing resembles the real prize 'Gordo', which has turned out to be 26590.

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To give value to his prediction the seer He said he already had a second prize in the draw for 2017, when after dreaming about the number in question he bought two tenths. This fact made her well known that year, which has made this time many people have placed their trust in her.

So much so, that many administrations sand they were left without tenths with that number, since demand soared. However, Altagracia's predictions have not paid off, since neither the first nor the second nor the third prize have come close.

To complete his forecast, Altagracia said at the time that 'El Gordo' would be very divided and also commented that he liked the termination 39, something that has not been right either. As expected, the Pythoness Altagracia has not managed to get her predictions in the pocket of those who trusted her. What the seer has achieved has been to viralize his name and boost his popularity.


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