April 11, 2021

Fashion faces the future without losing sight of the past

Madrid, Apr 8. (EFE) .- With a look to the past, with a mind set on the present, but with a firm step towards the future, fashion is moving towards a multidisciplinary universe with a timeless concept of design where customers seek a more conscious shopping experience. closer to the last century than the age of Instagram.

This was explained by Sergio Lázaro, creative soul of Otrura, together with Verónica Abián, who have pointed out that there is a generation of twenty-somethings who is committed to “the way of consumption of our grandparents, few clothes and quality”.

Pablo Erroz (Palma de Mallorca, 1989) manifests himself along the same lines, adding that fashion is in a process of natural evolution, a creator who bets on timeless garments, not subject to gender or season.

“Fashion is an instrument of freedom and customers seek experiences and the traceability of the garment,” he told Efe this Thursday, showing a sustainable collection with Mallorcan ikat linen and cotton jackets that incorporate NFC, “the passport of the garments “(a wireless technology on the label that shows how it is made and where it comes from).

With an exquisite taste for craftsmanship and guided by a firm commitment to responsible consumption, Otrura has presented pieces in which it condenses different patterns, playing with finishes and volumes, live sewing designs with which they vindicate the work of artisan workshops.

The darts on the pants at the knee for more movement and reversible coats with open spooled seams are an eye-catcher.

A skirt with the pattern of a blazer and a cape jacket with the same structure stands out, a moment of play “of what can be and is not. A latent sensation”, a work for which he has had a small Moral workshop de Calatrava (Ciudad Real).

Straight but sophisticated lines define the new collection by Fernando Claro, a Sevillian firm with 35 years of experience in tailor-made sewing.

“People want events, to look pretty, to buy a dress,” said Fernando Claro, founder of the eponymous firm in which his daughter Beatriz is now in charge of design and production.

High-waisted pants and bullfighter-inspired jackets are mixed with organic garments, with fluid movement and fringes in dresses that are reminiscent of Andalusian culture.

Maya Hansen, after several editions absent, has returned to the Madrid catwalk with an elegant and transgressive collection, in which the legendary corset of the house is reinvented with vinyl and wetsuits.

Hansen founded his firm in 2004 and two years later he specialized in corsetry in 2006, turning all the attention to the corset, a piece that he has distributed in Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, in addition to becoming in a garment adored by music divas like Lady Gaga or Shakira.

Now, this designer, with a great capacity for resilience, offers a collection in which futuristic fabrics and classic garments prevail, a combination that has lit up the rebirth of the brand that makes in proximity workshops.

“We came from a bad situation and with the pandemic we have turned to making masks, a complement that has not saved the year,” said this creator who believes that fashion moves in two directions: “Author’s design and accessories.”

In the morning, the “fashion film” and the performance of Andres Sarda heated the infinite meters of concrete of Ifema with an uninhibited collection that has helped to enliven the atmosphere diminished by the scarce influx of public to comply with the security measures.

A collection with which the lingerie firm proposes “beauty and well-being; comfort and sophistication”, a way of counteracting “the difficult moments that we live, that will pass. A song of joy, to life”, said the director of the lingerie firm, Nuria Sardá.

Roberto Verino presented with a film a collection in which he defends a functional and sustainable fashion, which invites us to reflect on the impulse of purchases: “Quality instead of quantity”, to configure an intelligent wardrobe with emotional pieces that treasure “beautiful memories “.

Investigating new forms and aesthetic concepts, the García Madrid firm has presented its proposal for next autumn-winter 2020-2021, in which it combines traditional and artisan tailoring with the “more urban and sporty” universe, its director told Efe. creative Manuel García Madrid.

A day that, like last September, has had the security measures that entail the reduction of capacity to 24% of its capacity.

Before entering: disinfection of footwear, cleaning of hands, temperature control, mandatory mask – a model FFP2 is given free -, safety distance at all times and in the parade hall with a distance between people of 1.5 meters and renewal from air.


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