February 25, 2021

Fashion & Arts awards cosmetics at the Thyssen Museum – La Provincia

Fashion & Arts awards cosmetics at the Thyssen Museum - La Provincia

The 1st Edition of the Fashion & Arts Beauty Awards – the monthly supplement of The vanguard and of the newspapers of Iberian Press (group to which the PROVINCE / DLP belongs) – was held yesterday at the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum in Madrid. The event, organized to mark the award ceremony, has paid tribute to art and the creative importance of cosmetics, one of the most prosperous industries on the market.

In 2017, this industry showed clear figures of strength, according to data provided by Stanpa's report, reaching up to 2.15% in Spain. In addition, last year over 1,200 million were sold in cosmetics and perfumery and 200,000 direct jobs were created.

Therefore, Fashion & Arts granted a total of 17 awards to the best products of the year 2018, attending to different criteria such as originality, creativity, aesthetic values, or formal innovation, as well as ethical responsibility and the search for environmental sustainability .

Each of them is inspired by the work of universal artists that belong to the Museum's collection, and in which the illustrations signed by Inés Maestre and contained by the frames of the artist Olga Andrino, whose unique and numbered pieces have been inspired, have been inspired. been made by hand.

The event was led by Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, who began by putting the accent on the philosophy that underlies this celebration: beauty is difference and is freedom.

The event was also attended by Joana Bonet, director of Fashion & Arts Magazine, who delved into this idea by stating that "beauty should not be understood as a canon or as a slavery, but as a bridge", that is capable of promoting the construction of identity and finding ways of being "in harmony", besides praising the memory potion that contains a perfume. The journalist and writer of The vanguard claimed the word "care" in the current paradigm shift in cosmetics that calls to "take care of one and the others," as well as to "weave networks."

Light, beauty, art

Isidoro Nicieza, content director of Prensa Ibérica, returned to the original idea that beauty should be claimed as "difference" and pointed out that Fashion & Arts Magazine he has always looked for "proposals for informative areas about beauty that do not tie up, but rather liberate", making the "news of culture coexist with the news about the cosmetics industry". He ended his speech by paraphrasing Victor Hugo, who said that every plant was a lamp, and perfume, light. "Welcome to the light that liberates beauty, welcome to art that releases light".

Pere Guardiola, commercial director of Godó Strategies, remarked that the media have had to adapt to "a world that looks more and more but reads less", taking the opportunity to point out that, at present, "reading has become a luxury, a moment of irreplaceable intimacy and tranquility, it is the eyes that look, but it is the brain that thinks, looking without reading is incomplete, and reading without looking is insufficient ".


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