Farmers move to Iglesias and demand a negotiation that leads Planas




The Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, with the presence of the second vice president and minister of Social Rights again, Pablo Iglesias, they met yesterday with the agricultural organizations Asaja, COAG and UPA, after the precipitous postponement of the appointment on Friday and the anger of the representatives of the field. Yesterday's meeting came a majority requirement of Asaja, COAG and UPA: that the negotiations are led from the Ministry of Agriculture, through a future interministerial table in which the ministries of Labor, Social Security, Consumption, Finance, Ecological Transition and Foreign Affairs would be represented.

Precisely, in yesterday's appointment, Planas had a representative from the Ministry of Agriculture, Secretary General Fernando Miranda. In this regard, the Secretary General of UPA Lorenzo Ramos He was in favor of this coordination within the Coalition Executive and who should bear the weight of the negotiation was very clear: «Our interlocutor is the Ministry of Agriculture: it is the one that has to solve our main claim, which is the reform of the Law of the food chain ».

A modification that you expect to be made by Royal decree law and that, in its validation, it would have a sufficient parliamentary majority, according to consulted sources. In a similar line the president of Asaja expressed himself, Cheap Pedro: "We always said that Agriculture should be the Ministry guardian of the claims that exist" and pointed out that Miranda's presence would demonstrate that the Executive could adopt this approach.

Asaja stressed that Iglesias would have promised thattwo ministries with powers on some aspect that affects the primary sector would have its role. Asaja said the second vice president gave as an example the labeling regulation of the products that fall within the scope of the new Ministry of Consumption.

In any case, the meeting at the Ministry of Labor, ended with a specific announcement: the establishment of a dialogue table between the agricultural organizations Asaja, COAG and UPA together with the unions to discuss labor issues. What was positively valued by the general secretary of COAG, Miguel Blanco, who saw it as "an extension of social dialogue."

In this regard, Cheap clarified that among the subjects to be treated would not be the bonuses formitigate the rise in the minimum wage, since it is the responsibility of Social Security and, therefore, it would be dealt with Minister José Luis Escrivá. Blanco (COAG) lamented the distribution of competences in this area, since "it complicates institutional relations and interlocution." Far from the controversy of last week, Cheap qualified the meeting of "cordial" although he showed his concern, because from the department of Yolanda Díaz "still do not see the impact of the minimum wage."

Possible encounter with Sánchez

The Secretary General of UPA recalled the request for a meeting with President Pedro Sánchez, to «Seal» the negotiation with the field. From La Moncloa it is ensured that the Government is "taking the demands and demands" of the agrarian organizations very seriously. In addition, the same sources reveal that, at the proposal of the participants in this afternoon's meeting, Iglesias will transfer the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, «The importance of being able to meet them soon and expand the social dialogue table to the agricultural employers ».

Specifically, yesterday the agrarian organizations held meetings with representatives of the Popular Party (PP), PSOE, United We Can and Citizens, Gregoria Caro reports. The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado demanded to reduce the labor, fiscal and energy costs of the farmers.


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