January 18, 2021

Farmers give fifteen days of grace to Madrid to raise funds for irrigation – La Provincia

Farmers give fifteen days of grace to Madrid to raise funds for irrigation - La Provincia

The Canary Islands doubt that the eight million euros with which theState's general budgetsof 2018 help reduce the bill that farmers pay for irrigation water to arrive on time. They do not understand why the Government ofPedro Sánchez(PSOE) has submitted to public information the royal decree that passed last week and they are alarmed that the advance payment of subsidies is not contemplated, which would end up causing the electoral calendar to gobble up some vital sums to maintain the competitiveness of its production. Even so, this Friday they decided to give the Central Executive a fortnight andmove from March 22 planned to April 5 agricultural mobilizationwhich, they advanced, "would be historic".

"We are not distrustful," he said.President of the Coordinator of Organizations of Farmers and Cattle Ranchers (COAG-Canarias), Rafael Hernández.The group held a meeting with the secretary general of the PSOE in the Islands,Ángel Víctor Torres, to transfer the decision to postpone the mobilization. "We do not fit that both he andElena Máñez [delegada del Gobierno central en el Archipiélago] they do everything they can, by the account that brings them, but time passes and the doubts do not dissipate, "said Hernandez.

For its part, theManager of the Irrigation Consortium of the Northwest of Gran Canaria, Julián Melián,He expressed the surprise that has caused among the farmers that the Government of Spain has decided to submit the royal decree to public information. "The game is in the state accounts, which are law and have passed all mandatory procedures," he said. To this he added that the amount entered in the 2017 budget was paid without obligation to cover that step.

In addition, Melián stressed that in the"copy and paste"that, in his opinion, supposes the new decree with respect to the previous one has omitted the possibility that the eight million euros "arrive in advance". If there is no such advance, "theGovernment of the Canary Islandscan not publish the call for aid, the intervention would not allow it, "said Rafael Hernandez." Therefore, the only way to subtract the autonomous Executive would be a "credit modification" that would not arrive before the end of the current term.

The one that was exposed this Friday is only the last chapter of the doubts that have been nested since December among the farmers since they gave the alarm at the end of last year. Theextra costs for water desalination and extraction from wells and galleriesto feed their land they were consolidated in the negotiation maintained between the regional government and thePopular Party(PP) for the approval of the 2018 state budgets whenMariano RajoyHe was president and the two Canarian nationalist votes – one ofCanary Coalition(CC) and another one from Nueva Canarias (NC) – were decisive in theCongress of Deputies.

These eight million euros are not the only disagreement that both administrations have maintained since the prosperity of themotion of censureinterposed by the Socialists against the Government of the popular ones after knowing the sentence of theGürtel case,that highlighted the commission of corrupt behavior within the PP. The consecration by law of several of theagreements signed between CC and NC, on the one hand, and the popular agreements, on the other,to automatically activate the mechanisms to ensure that the agreed items reach the Canary Islands.

Along the way, last November, the newEconomic and Fiscal Regime (REF)Canario and Rafael Hernández: "It's not just that the eight million euros for agricultural irrigation are in the budget law, is that these aids are also in the REF", he said and lamented that farmers are in the frame to "demand" the parties "to comply with the laws that they themselves make, it has no justification."


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