Farmers and ranchers from all over the country protest against the 'outrages' that will lead them to ruin




Farmers, ranchers, fish farmers, breeders, hunters... The rural world has taken to the streets this Sunday in Madrid to denounce the situation suffered by all rural groups whose activities, they consider to be «
continually threatened
for inconsistent regulations, as well as actions that are clearly aimed at ending their activity. On the table are issues as diverse as the escalation of production costs that threatens the profitability of farms, competition from products from third countries, the preliminary draft of the Law on the Protection and Rights of Animals and the protection of wolves, among the different controversies that surround the difficult relationship between the field and the Government of Pedro Sánchez.

«we will not allow it», assure the Alma Rural groups that this Sunday morning, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., they protest from the Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz, where the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge is located, until Plaza de Carlos V, in Atocha, where the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food is located.

Alma Rural has convened the event under the name of the 'Great Manifestation of the Rural World' as a response to the situation suffered by the primary sector and in order to raise awareness in society about the crisis and the attacks from different fronts that supports
the field and the people who work in the sector.

Posters with complaints from various Asturian sectors
Posters with the complaints of various Asturian sectors - EFE

Very present have been the problems that afflict farmers and ranchers: from compliance with the Chain Law through unequal competition involving imports from third countries. In this regard, the delegate of Asolite (Association of the Traditional Spanish Olive Grove) in Beas de Segura (Jaén) Rogelio Heredia has pointed out that«We want our product to be worth what it deserves, because we are competitive, giving a lot of quality». Asolite's representative has also criticized the industry and distribution ("they only care that there are products with a good appearance"), later calling on the consumer to "read the labels" and bet on the Spanish product and thus avoid, "the ruin" of the Spanish primary sector. "We are ruined, when we have fallen, in the cities you will have what they give you and in the conditions that they determine and, at that time, you are going to remember the primary sector”, he pointed out.

Similarly, he has lamented phenomena such as the depopulation of rural areas. “My town had 13,000 inhabitants and now it has 5,300 and it is decreasing, now there are no workshops, there are no schools left... At the rate we are going, the doctor will come once a week,” he stated indignantly. On the other hand, Heredia has explained that young people are not incorporated into the field "because it is not economically profitable", despite the aid aimed at this group. "We do not want alms: We want to work hard, from light to light, and even taking hours at night," he concluded.

One of the issues that the representatives of the sector demand is that the governments give them the treatment they deserve, as well as that they stop using the Emptied Spain.

in the protest horses, sheep, goats have not been lacking, horses and cows that have paraded and do so through the main arteries of the capital, as well as tractors. In addition to the usual banners. Messages such as: «Sánchez, Barbón, you have killed the steak» or «Asturias, on the verge of death» could be read on them. And others who prayed:
«For the traditional olive grove
l with a future and with a fair price».

Oxen in the mobilization in defense of the field
Oxen in the mobilization in defense of the field - EP

The protest has had the presence of the sectors and groups affected by the future animal protection law. Up to 500 associations have confirmed their attendance at the protest.

The presence of political representatives has been scarce, although they have sent a message to the media.

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