October 28, 2020

Farewell to Quino: a tribute through vignettes

The death of cartoonist Quino has left the world of graphic humor an orphan, losing one of its great references. The Character Creator as Mafalda says goodbye leaving a legacy that will last throughout the Latin American and Spanish society, and having marked an era for all his colleagues in the profession.

The graphic humorists from Prensa Ibérica-Grupo ZETA yield tribute to Quino with several cartoons published this Thursday, October 1 in the group’s newspapers.

Pedro Sabiote (The Opinion of Murcia) Moraga (The Extremadura Newspaper) Montecruz (The Province)

(The Opinion of Murcia) Pedro Sabiote

Moraga (The Extremadura Newspaper) Moraga

(The province) Montecruz


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