Farewell for the women's strike, readmitted the day after | Society

They had announced it, without any obligation, and the next day they complied. Six floor waitresses of a hotel in Valencia, dedicated to cleaning rooms, participated in the women's strike on Friday. What they did not expect is that their boss of the subcontracted company Constant dismissed them yesterday and, in addition, ordered them to "sign the withdrawal". He did not give them a letter of dismissal. One of them called Comisiones Obreras to report the case. The union first learned if the multi-service company was integrated into the hotel management company Hosbec and the Valencian Business Confederation and later requested explanations from the Barceló hotel chain, to which the four-star establishment of Valencia belongs. "From the hotel, they asked us for time to get information and to give an answer. It was two in the afternoon but, we were already in full demonstration, at seven thirty in the afternoon, and we knew nothing. So we started to denounce him through the megaphone, "he said this morning Arturo León, general secretary of CC OO In the Valencian community.

"Yesterday afternoon, they called us three and told us that they had us to work with today," said Leyla R, in the vicinity of the staff's access to the hotel, minutes before nine o'clock today, when her working hours. She, Fabiola E. and the rest of her classmates, with the exception of one who chose to leave, went to the hotel, located in front of the colorful City of Arts and Sciences, to do their job, whether or not they had been called. They were surrounded by a group of CC OO trade unionists, including León, who asked to speak with the hotel management. Being Saturday, there was no one from the address, they excused themselves at the reception. A few minutes later, a supervisor from the subcontracted company Constant came out and argued that what "yesterday" had been an error and that the five floor maids, also called the kellys (for the popular word game: "Kelly, the one who cleans", as explained on its website by the namesake association) continue to work in the hotel and that is how it appears in the quadrant of the next shifts. He assured the unionists that there would be no reprisals. This newspaper has also unsuccessfully tried to contact the hotel management today.

The leader of CC OO took advantage of the situation to denounce "the precariousness" in which the kellys, charging only a few euros for cleaning a room, with schedules that are extended and with the conditions imposed by "subcontractors". From Constant it was pointed out that Barceló's workers work for hours and have a contract with the stipulated time. A few months ago, the Government developed a plan in order to tackle the great precariousness of a collective "especially punished for low wages, work rhythms and overexertion".


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