June 15, 2021

FARC asks the Government to adjust the receipt of goods to repair the victims

The FARC party asked the Colombian government this Sunday to adjust the procedure for receiving the goods destined to repair the victims of the armed conflict after the Executive gave the former guerrilla as the last deadline to deliver them on July 31.

“The one who should determine a date to adjust the institutional and government procedures to the need to build peace in the territories is the government itself,” the Common Revolutionary Alternative Force (FARC) party emerged from a demobilization of The guerrilla.

Last Thursday, the Presidential Councilor for Stabilization and Consolidation, Emilio Archila, said that “to ensure that the obligation of the former FARC guerrillas to materially deliver all the goods that had been committed, all that were committed, is fulfilled inventoried, we have indicated July 31 of this year as the deadline. “

This, he explained, because the former FARC were the ones who informed the State that they would deliver goods for a billion pesos (about 296.1 million dollars today).

He clarified, however, that of that figure only half can be monetized for the reparation of victims because the other party is represented in vaccination campaigns and tertiary roads, among others.

The high commissioner added that of that sum, 500,000 million pesos (about 148 million dollars) that the FARC reported in the inventory of goods and resources to compensate the victims, they have only effectively “monetized” a little more than 3,000 million of pesos (about 888,000 dollars).

These resources are represented in movable property, lots, cattle, vehicles, cash, gold and jewelry.


The list of goods that the FARC delivered to the UN Mission in Colombia in 2017 raised a heavy dust after the Prosecutor’s Office demanded to identify “fully the assets” of that group and warned that they listed brooms, cups, boots and Even medical treatments like possessions.

In this regard, the FARC party explained this Sunday that, until November 10, “regarding metals, 63% of the amount of gold has been delivered. As regards furniture and equipment, there is a progress in reception of 12.3%, without having been monetized to date “.

“With respect to semovientes, there is a percentage of progress of 60.6%, which corresponds to 229 animals, which have mostly been commercialized. The case of slower progress corresponds to real estate, where only delivery has been made 4.4% effective, “the political movement added.

In that sense, he explained that he has delivered a total of “114 million pesos (about $ 34,000) in cash, $ 450,000 in cash, 255,000 grams of gold, 229 semovientes, 134 roads, 8 real estate and 1,546 furniture, equipment and various equipment” .

The FARC also warned that at the time the guerrilla’s call on “the urgent reception of goods, due to the null custody capacity that would arise after the organization’s departure from the areas where it was located” was not answered.


Archila recalled last week that two and a half years after the presentation of the inventory, ex-members of the FARC have not completed the material delivery of all inventoried goods and have not provided the Company with Special Assets (SAE) the necessary information to fulfill that purpose.

He insisted that the main purpose of the Government is to culminate in the process of material delivery of the FARC’s assets to ensure that victims can access the reparations that assist them as provided for in the peace agreement signed in 2016.


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