Fans of Rayo insult the coach of Valencia

Fans of Rayo insult the coach of Valencia

Marcelino, the coach of Valencia, held in Vallecas a series of unacceptable insults He did it and his family. Three Lightning fans behind the bench began shouting at him "It's a pity you did not kill yourself. Dumbass" or "Die you and your fucking wife".

The League has identified the three spectators who uttered the insults, has decided that it will impose an exemplary sanction so that acts of this type do not happen again.

The Valencian coach He suffered a traffic accident in December 2017 in Lardero when hitting a boar crossing the road. In the incident, he, his wife and his 81-year-old mother were injured.

It is typical to hear insults to Marcelino in the field of Rayo due to the controversy that originated after the statements of the coach and his wife in social networks after the descent of Rayo due to the defeat of Villareal in Gijón. Both congratulated the Asturian team for their victory and for getting rid of the relegation.


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