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The program The Kikiriki, Directed by David Casas and broadcast by Movistar Toros, it was dedicated on March 25 to the role of bullfighting fans and participated in it Andrés de Miguel, president of the Peña Los de José y Juan; Agustín Colomar, president of the Valencia Subscribers Union; Nacho Moreno de Terry, manager of the Club of Practical Fans of Seville, and Domingo Delgado of the Chamber. These are some of the many pearls of the emission:

—The April Fair is the key to the season.

(No one can predict what will happen in the immediate future, but everything can change if La Maestranza opens its doors on April 18 and the subscription begins. Seville must be a fundamental precedent - a springboard - for the present and uncertain bullfighting year) .

- Bullfighting is the only show that professionals do not defend, but amateurs.

“The party needs a professional organization; if it doesn't, it will perish ”.

(The fans - the so-called box office professionals- They are the great defenders of the bullfighting festival while the sector - storekeepers, businessmen, ranchers - remains in worrying uncertainty. The bullfighting industry's plan for the post-pandemic stage is unknown, and there is a well-founded impression that the sector is not defending its own survival).

-The fan maintains the essence of the bullfighting show; the public, the economy.

(The fans express their enthusiasm for bullfighting and resist attacks from society and politicians, poor management by businessmen, poorly organized fairs, lack of caste ... And they resist because they believe in the beauty of the show and he assumes it as a way of understanding life. The hobby is the guardian of the foundation of the party and prevents its degeneration. Accidental spectators limit themselves to sustaining the economy of the sector, essential for its permanence).

-The bullfighting festival needs a professional organization; if it does not, it will perish.

Agustín Colomar, president of the Valencia Subscribers Union.
Agustín Colomar, president of the Valencia Subscribers Union.

(Bullfighting is invertebrate and disunited, which is a fundamental obstacle for its continuity. Until now, it has been maintained because there were no enemies on the horizon and due to the inertia of the show itself, incardinated in society. The scenario has changed substantially: if the sector is not organized, it will disappear).

Throughout an extensive gathering, the guests analyzed different vertices of the role of bullfighting fans, and revealed that they suffer from the same disunity that they attribute to bullfighting: the fan is individualist and, until now, has been unable to create a lobby and a single voice in defense of the party.

The amateur is not pessimistic, "he never is," insisted the guests, but he demands changes from the professionals, in such a way that the future is guaranteed.

And it establishes different red lines that cannot be crossed.

"The fan is individualistic and, until now, has been unable to create a lobby"

The first one, the integrity of the bull; the show is meaningless if its main character is devalued.

The bullfight must continue to be bloody —second line— because it is a liturgy that culminates with the death of the bull; This does not prevent technology from being able to offer fast and effective methods that replace the unpleasant image of the repeated use of the pith and the lace.

The search for emotion - third - is the primary objective of the bullfighting celebration, and this cannot be replaced by any other state of mind.

The encastes cannot disappear - and fourth - because monotony would take over the party.

After all, the guests agreed that bullfighting is an amalgam of feelings, smells, sounds, images ... "We are eager to feel ...".

Requirement versus intransigence was another of the issues analyzed.

You have to find the balance. The fan should not go to the plaza with preconceived ideas, —with "the job done" about bulls and bullfighters—, but with an effort of objectivity and sincerity.

Not everything that happens in the ring is valid, because triumphalism is the prelude to a degenerate party, nor a sterile and unjust intransigent attitude. The fan must aspire to balance, so that he rewards the good and censures that which alters the essence of the show.

"The good fan is not triumphant and does not go to the plaza in a state of permanent anger," said one of the guests. "But with a bullfighter detail we can leave satisfied," he pointed out.

All agreed, finally, that the party needs profound changes, ("many of its actors have to go home"), because the party is losing its personality.

The four fans expressed their hope that bullfighting normalcy would return in 2021.

-And 2020?

- "It has been a lost year," answered one of them.

And they all agreed


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