Fani faces Matamoros and he reveals what he would have gained by returning to ‘The Last Temptation’

Fani returns to 'The debate of temptations'.

Fani returns to ‘The debate of temptations’.

Fani reappeared yesterday in ‘The debate of temptations’ after in the last installment of ‘The Last Temptation’ her boyfriend Christofer asked for a confrontational bonfire. Fani she had kissed Julian, being the second time that he fell into temptation in reality, first in its edition and then in this particular reunion.

She had no choice but to defend herself from the comments of the collaborators, who suggested that he did not feel love towards his partner: “I do not love him alone as if he were a family member. I do not suffer for a family member, as I have suffered for Christofer. I love him very much but I don’t love him 100% “, he acknowledged.

The participant spoke of her relationship problems: “He does nothing, because he is not looking for work. He does not even make a feint. I keep it. I want to find out if he is with me because he wants to or because he is comfortable, “explained Fani, who assures that her boyfriend knows that she is not” in love 100% “. In addition, Fani recalled that Christofer had him”cheated for 6 months and I forgave him. He was with me, living and making out with her. ”

Their justifications did not serve Kiko Matamoros, who again criticized his attitude. Fani faced him and criticized that he had those comments towards her since he has also acknowledged being unfaithful in his relationships. He responded by giving a revealing fact, his salary in the program: “I have not done anything in front of the cameras. When they give me 50,000 euros to go to the Island of Temptations I will think about it, but not at the moment. ”


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