August 5, 2021

Fan Bingbing reappears after being convicted of tax fraud

Fan Bingbing reappears after being convicted of tax fraud

Many have been the speculations on the fence of Fan Bingbing the most famous Chinese actress of the moment, who disappeared five months ago. In his 37th year, he had managed to carve a niche in Hollywood. His roles in "X-Men" and the Chinese version of "Iron Man 3" made him reach the general public. Winner of a Silver Shell for the best actress in 2016, considered the fifth best paid actress in Hollywood and brand image as Cartier or Louis Vuitton, disappeared overnight.

Nothing was known about her since July 1, the day she went to a hospital in Tibet to visit children with heart problems. Until today. Bingbing has published in the Weibo social network -in which he has more than 60 million followers- a statement in which he assumes his fault in a crime of tax evasion and asks for forgiveness. The statement came shortly after the Chinese government published that the actress had to pay a fine of more than 110 million euros. "I have failed the country that feeds me, I have failed the society that trusted me, I have failed the followers who love me," says Bingbing, adding that he is going through a difficult period of reflection and introspection.

"I am deeply ashamed and I feel guilty for what I have done, and I offer my sincerest apologies to all," says the winner of the Silver Shell for best actress at the 2016 San Sebastian Festival for her work on "Yo I'm not Madame Bobary. " In addition, he adds, "I am ashamed to have committed tax evasion," Fan Bingbing admits that in another passage of the statement he says "everything I have gotten always came from the country and from the people's support" and that "it would be nothing if it were not for the Party and the good policies of the State, in addition to the love and support of the public, I accept the sanctions imposed by the fiscal authorities after their exhaustive investigation, I fully assume them and I will raise funds to pay my taxes and fines, whatever the cost " . It also makes an amendment proposal and is committed to "carefully control the administration of my company to ensure that it complies with the law and becomes a company of total integrity and that spreads positive values ​​to society."

With this, Bingbing puts an end to the rumors, which pointed out that the Chinese government could be behind its disappearance. In fact, they indicated that it could be stopped by a case of tax fraud after last May a famous presenter published a Bingbing contract for the Chinese version of "Missed Call 2", by which the actress would collect her salary for two ways: the official one (1.3 million dollars), for which she pays taxes in her country and a second way, for which she would enter 6.4 million dollars without having to pay for it. denied everything.

Another possible cause was that she could have fled to avoid being stopped. At that time, his image mysteriously disappeared from the promotional poster of a Chinese film about the Japanese bombing of Chongquing from 1938 to 1943, which he starred with Bruce Willis. The tape was scheduled to hit theaters in August, but had been delayed until October. Now that it has appeared, the film is definitely coming to theaters.


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