Famous, winner of 'OT 2018' | TV

Famous, winner of 'OT 2018' | TV

Operation Triunfo 2018 already has a winner Famous he has proclaimed himself the winner of OT in a very close final in which Alba Reche finished in second place with a minimum difference of votes. The victory in the program of the 1 has made him worthy of the corresponding 100,000 euros of the prize of the contest.

His victory came after a final gala which was hosted by Alba Reche, Julia, Natalia, Sabela and Famous and in which Amaia Romero, winner of OT 2017, He returned to the program to present A new place, prelude to his first album, in addition to giving the relief to the winner of the edition. In addition, Pablo Alborán and the duo Rozalén and David Otero were special guests of this final installment of the TVE program.

Famous Oberogo, 19, is the only man who has reached the last program of Operation Triunfo 2018. Famous was born in Nigeria and after a brief passage through Amsterdam and a return to his native country, resides in Bormujos, Seville, since he was six years old, where he studied Arts and Music Baccalaureate.

The five finalists interpreted the themes they had chosen, after which the three contestants with the most votes were announced. The ranking left Julia as the fifth finalist, who obtained 10% of the votes after having interpreted Let me be, by Manuel Carrasco. In fourth place was Sabela with 12% of the votes and after having sung Tris Tras, from Marful. Alba Reche, Famous and Natalia returned to act in the final straight after clearing the voting markers. For their second performance of the night, the three contestants repeated the themes with which they presented themselves before the audience in the Gala 0 of the program.

A new vote left Famous with 36% of the votes of the final trio, while Natalia was in second place with 35% of the votes, and Alba Reche in third place, with 29%.

To proclaim himself the winner, Famous played in the final And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going, by Jennifer Hudson, in addition to Faith, by Stevie Wonder, the theme with which it was presented before the spectators at gala 0.


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