Thu. Jul 18th, 2019

"Family doctors are fed up" | Society

"Family doctors are fed up" | Society

The family doctors are "fed up" and could go out into the street pushed by "suffering and uncertainty". Strike? "It will be rebellion and catharsis."

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That is the spirit that dominates in the representatives of the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine. Yesterday, at its headquarters in Madrid, at the time that the general elections were being held, they described the reasons for their fatigue.

They were not aware of the election date. In fact, one wondered if indeed the politicians who attend these races ever made use of public health.

Suso Sueiro, family doctor in Santiago, director of that federation, stresses the boredom: "Health has a hospitable glare for great innovations. But family medicine is the one that supports the system on its back and every day is in a more precarious state ". In Catalonia, says Antoni Sisó, "we did not really go on strike: we practiced a catharsis".

Salvador Tranche, the Navarrese president of the federation (some 20,000 family doctors out of the 37,000 in the country) says that the situation of public health is "of reserved prognosis". These doctors are "those armies of laborious ants" without which what seemed like a national treasure "will perish in uncertainty".

In the MIR calls the number of family doctors has stagnated at about 1,700 for years. Immovable figure of the precariousness. Of the 6,600 "doctors trained by a wonderful MIR," some 3,600 migrate "to countries where they not only earn more, but can live a better life than what awaits them here." Resume Sisó: "We have a hyperspecialized system and we have neglected the base". As in the United States: spend on the colorful and neglect the basics.

They pose happy, but the procession is engraved in their words. María Fernández, from Asturias, who has been practicing family medicine in Madrid for 22 years, is the vice president of this society. Isabel Arenas is already in her fourth year of residence at the hospital in La Paz, and also works in the health center of the Pilar neighborhood. Paulino Cubero has a longer history; now he is in the health center of General Ricardos.

Paulino Cubero has been on the street with the white tide. People applaud them when they demonstrate, "but they do not join, they have not realized that the 2012 privatizations were also made against them."

The three count the meticulous human work that implies its relation with the disease. In the neighborhoods they are not just doctors, but responsible for attenuating the pain "with conversation and advice, doing medicine, with time and empathy, diagnosis and patience". The de facto annulment of the dependency law has blindly left many lives whose only light is the one that lights up the family doctor to whom the neighborhoods are entrusted. There is no investment, "there is work and plenty". For that reason, because of the satiety, yesterday they listened to the news of the electoral future with the sensation that "we are going to happen" of the slogans that now will stick on the walls of the neighborhoods where they take care of the pain of others.


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