August 1, 2021

Family businesses hold back optimism about business and employment – La Provincia

Family businesses hold back optimism about business and employment - La Provincia

Family entrepreneurs are slightly more pessimistic this year regarding the future of the economy than in 2017, according to a survey conducted yesterday in the moments before the opening of the XXI National Congress of the Institute of Family Business (IEF), held in Valencia. The survey resulted in the following results: on a scale from 0 to 10, the note that these companies put on the economic situation is 5.48, compared to 6.22 last year, the proportion of those waiting for a decline falls. sales increase in 2019 (from 73% to 64%) and also those that foresee increases in staff (46%, compared to 52% in the 2017 survey).

This tempering of optimism has more to do with the political situation than with the economic situation. In the words of Juan Roig, who delivered the conferencePride of being a businessman:"This year we are the same as last year, what happens is that we have been carried away by the political-autonomic mess, which makes you more frightened, but it's not true, the economy is the same as last year." Before an audience of more than 700 businessmen, the president of Mercadona regretted that the prospects have been "carried away" by the situation in Catalonia and encouraged entrepreneurs to "not be afraid to leave" to convey the work they do to improve the image they give to society.

The words of Roig, at the inauguration of the Congress presided over by the KingFelipe VI, served to highlight the general support of business to the crown, as "maximum symbol of unity and stability" of Spain and the Constitution for its contribution to coexistence and growth.

In that sense, Francisco J. Riberas, president of the Institute of Family Business and the multinational Gestamp, defended "the stable institutional framework of coexistence, peace and great growth" that generated the Constitution, while advocating "constructively reflect on how improve the economic and social model to establish a firm foundation to open a period of growth and welfare. Likewise, and quoting some words of Felipe VI, Riberas remarked that the norm "was the fruit of concord among Spaniards". "This period of the history of Spain is a success story that led some to talk about the Spanish economic miracle," he said. He added that, despite the flaws in the economic model that left the crisis in 2008, "it is not fair to attack and try to destroy everything that has brought us here", but it is time to "reflect constructively on how improve the model. "

The King extolled, on the other hand, the role of family-owned companies as "a stimulus and a true guide to keep moving forward" in the face of "uncertainty" and the "new challenges that arise every day".

The monarch stressed that family entrepreneurs have always been an "economic reference" but also "social", so it is necessary that their work is "known and recognized by society."


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