April 19, 2021

'Family 3.0', for the education of parents – The Province

'Family 3.0', for the education of parents - The Province

The General Directorate of sports of the Canarian Government has presented on Tuesday, February 12, the initiative 'Family 3.0. Educating winners for life ', whatand seeks to enhance the coeducation role of the family environment of grassroots sportsmen. It is the third line of action of the Ganar Project, with which the Government -through the area of ​​Sports and Canarias Cultura en Red-, in collaboration with the Federación Canaria de Fútbol, ​​aims to promote values ​​of coexistence and respect in the sports field .

'Family 3.0' focuses on the important role of the family in the education of their sons and daughters "in and from football", its creators define. The objectives of this initiative have been announced at an event held at the headquarters of the Inter-insular Football Federation of Las Palmas (FIFLP). José Francisco Pérez, general director of Sports; José Antonio Ruiz, vice president of the FIFLP; and Miguel Tomé, coordinator of the Ganar Project, took the first step towards the implementation of this project: its exposure to Canarian football representatives (clubs, coaches, referees €).

Starting from the basis of adults as responsible and models for childhood, and the family as the fundamental framework for the transmission of values, norms and guidelines, a strategy has been designed for their involvement in favor of positive coexistence in football. base. In this regard, the general director of Sports, José Francisco Pérez, stressed that football generates "an excellent meeting place for the family and also an activity where parents can enhance their educational role with the great goal of educating winners for life "

For the operation of 'Family 3.0', the possibilities offered by communication networks will be maximized, so that educational material has been developed in different formats: small videos, motivational images, memes and gifs. All this in order to reach all fathers and mothers and improve their participation in instilling good behavior in the youngest football section in all the islands.

To facilitate the circulation of messages launched by the program networks will be created where all the agents that act in the base football world will be receptors and issuers of messages and contents. For this, four communication nodes are established: motor group, club (with the election of a representative), coach and family nucleus. Thus, the motor group generates the message, makes it arrive at the club, this transports it to the coach and, through the WhatsApp broadcast group or list, it is passed on to the parents.

Likewise, the self-reflection of fathers and mothers will be promoted at appropriate times, such as the time before the games, in which a context is created in which they can reflect individually as coeducators. The formula will be enabled so that they can share their perceptions in the web 2.0 spaces of the project.

Win Project and online presence

'Family 3.0' is the third line of action that is launched in the framework of the Win Project, after 'Captains in positive', launched in December, and 'Golden Point', presented with great success this past weekend. To all these lines of action lies the objective of Win: encourage positive attitudes that allow athletes and the environment to enjoy football, respect their opponents and train humanly and socially. All this in order to control situations of conflict in the field of football and promote the values ​​of this sport for positive coexistence.

All the information about the Project and its lines of action, already underway and forthcoming, is available at www.proyectoganar.com, a new web page that has also been presented at the event held on Tuesday. Likewise, the Ganar Project has another of its fundamental tools for collaborative participation in its social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube).


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