April 13, 2021

'Family 3.0', for the education of parents – The Province

'Family 3.0', for the education of parents - The Province

The General Directorate of sports of the Government of the Canary Islands and the Inter-Island Football Federation of Las Palmas presented the project yesterday Family 3.0, which seeks to promote and guide the coeducation role of the family environment of grassroots athletes. It is an integrated measure in the Win Project; This includes the Golden Point, a disciplinary measure that was released last weekend.

In this way, explained Miguel Tomé, responsible for the initiative, explained that it aims to promote values ​​of coexistence and respect in the sports field. For this purpose, multimedia content (videos, photos, memes and gifs) are created and transmitted to the clubs so that they can share it with the coaches through the coaches. Whatsapp with parents. Through them we seek to improve their participation in instilling good behavior to parents and children.

Francisco Pérez, general director of Sports, applauded the measure and the project. "When people shine their eyes with these ideas you have to make them possible, for the good of our sport," he said. José Antonio Ruiz Caballero, vice president of the Federation, emphasized the importance of "educating people and winners for life".

The measure is complementary to the Golden Pointthat is, an arbitrator has the power to suspend a match for derogatory attitudes from the stands, and the Federation may even consider prohibiting certain individuals from entering the fields in the future.


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