Families of the disappeared and murdered affirm that justice does not protect them - The Province

Families of the disappeared and murdered affirm that justice does not protect them - The Province

"I feel like I am with a lamb going to the slaughterhouse", as defenseless it manifested itself Lidia Esther Henríquez, mother of Yurena López, at the gates of the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 2 of Arucas, to declare as investigated after making public conversations, maintained through a social network, in which he received threats and vexations from the alleged girlfriend of his daughter's confessed murderer.

At the gates of the Court, where a score of members of the Association Stars Fugaces, whose objective is to support families who have lost a loved one in violent circumstances, Lidia Esther explained that she made the conversations public impotence. "When I went to report all this and the police told me that I had to go to court, I was so tired that I resorted to social reporting"said the victim's mother, who added that the complainant wrote to Messenger that" my daughter deserved to be murdered and that if I do not know what I'm talking about, let me be quiet. "For this reason, Lidia Esther said she went to the judicial appointment because he wants to "know the truth" and ask the complainant "what is it that I do not know and the reasons why my daughter deserved to be murdered".

On the other hand, the Association Estrellas Fugaces denounced the helplessness of the families of those killed and disappeared in the face of threats from those who snatched their loved ones. In this sense, the mother of Yurena López argued that she is "a mother who defends her daughter", but lamented that in case of receiving attacks "we can only sue for civil, not criminal, so it is a complaint that never reaches anything. "

In addition, in relation to the threats received, Lidia Esther said that "I'm not afraid of what happens to me, but my little girl that let her rest in peace, that we can defend ourselves, but she no longer. "For this reason, she asked for compassion and to end the vexations," I do not want to be mistreated. "

After declaring in the Court, Lidia Esther, visibly upset by what happened in the interior, which for legal reasons could not share, he asked "what is justice that is promoting among the families of the victims" and said he would like "The above will reflect on the lack of protection of family members."

In the concentration of Fugaces Stars, in signal of support, was Ithaisa Suárez, mother of the missing Yéremi Vargas, who explained that she has gone through similar situations and, similarly, her family received threats, "We know how bad it is to see them laugh at your child". For this, Ithaisa demanded a law that protects them from these situations of harassment, because they suppose "an added pain to the loss and nobody knows how bad it is".

Among those attending the rally was also Raquel Nicolás, who claimed justice for his son Jonathan López and, according to his family, has received "death threats if the case of his son came to light, but I will fight to the end "


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