July 7, 2020

Families beat pirates at the Museo Canario – La Provincia

This Sunday turned out to be a historic day for the Canary museum, than restarted his “Family Visits” after the parenthesis caused by covid-19. The assistants to this new call were several families with children, who were involved in a jincana of pirates. “A much more fun test than the one organized by Pieter Van der Does now 421 years ago,” they report from the Museum.

“Family Visits” are a monthly program developed by the Teaching Department of the Canary museum in collaboration with SPAR Gran Canaria. In each time a different theme is chosen with which families are invited to delve into various aspects of culture and history through recreational resources.

With the pirate gymnastics, families were able to meet how the Canarian population faced the attacks of pirates and corsairs, that “constantly threatened the coasts of the Archipelago and that sometimes, as in that Van der Does attack of 1599, they managed to disembark and loot the towns,” the Museum statement said.


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