July 25, 2021

Falls "El Rubio", the number 2 crime "The Prince"

Falls "El Rubio", the number 2 crime "The Prince"

The National Police has arrested in Ceuta the heads of a network that introduced Algerian citizens into the peninsula using narcolanchas, among which is "El Rubio", one of the main criminals resident in the neighborhood of El Príncipe due to his history of dangerousness

"El Rubio", 40, is considered "the number 2 of El Príncipe" and was, according to the National Police, in the highest echelons of the network and did not maintain direct contact with immigrants or with boats used.

In the operation, four people who captured immigrants in the CETI – Center of Temporary Stay of Immigrants – of the Autonomous City, where they are in an open regime, have been arrested.


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