August 1, 2021

Falls «El Rubio», number 2 of the crime of «The Prince», in Ceuta

Falls «El Rubio», number 2 of the crime of «The Prince», in Ceuta

The National Police has arrested in Ceuta the heads of a network that introduced Algerian citizens into the peninsula using narco-wings. In the operation, four people who captured immigrants in the CETI – Center of Temporary Stay of Immigrants – of the Autonomous City have been arrested. Among the detainees is one of the main criminals living in the neighborhood of El Príncipe, and that is known for its extensive criminal history and its dangerousness. Each immigrant had to pay about 2,000 euros to be able to undertake the trip and, with each departure of one of these boats, the organization obtained a benefit of about 26,000 euros.

The investigation began five months ago. The agents verified the existence of several boats that transported Algerian citizens and that, clandestinely, arrived in the area of ​​Algeciras. After several steps, they verified the existence of a criminal organization that, presumably, captured the immigrants in the CETI of Ceuta – Center of Temporary Stay of Immigrants – where they are in an open regime.

Among those investigated, the police detected the presence of "El Rubio", one of the main criminals resident in the neighborhood and that, at present, is considered as "The number 2 of The Prince" for his criminal history and danger. "El Rubio", 40 years old, was in the highest echelons of the network and did not maintain direct contact with the immigrants or with the boats used.

Some members of the network were in charge of making the collection of the trip, the amount could vary but ranged between 1,800 and 2,000 euros per person, and included the temporary accommodation of the same in homes of their property until the moment in which it produced the exit towards the coasts of the peninsula.

The profitable benefits of illegal immigration and the use of narcolanchas

Such were the economic benefits of the organization, that its members found it more substantial to dedicate themselves to this criminal area than to the one related to drugs. For that reason, they used the usual narcolanchas, in which the mafias transport the narcotic substances, to turn them into the means in which to agglutinate the Algerian immigrants that previously they themselves had been in charge of capturing and imprisoning in flats of their property.

The operation carried out by the agents in Ceuta has culminated with the arrest of the four heads of this network dedicated to illegal immigration. Three entries and records have been made in which more than 10,000 euros have been intervened, two bladed weapons, several mobile phones, a video camera and various documentation.

The investigation continues open and new arrests are not ruled out.


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