Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

Falgas gains ground with technology and will reach 5 million in 2019

Falgas gana terreno con la tecnología y alcanzará los 5 millones en 2019

In many places you can still find machines entertainment for the little ones, in which parents pay for their children to have a good time while the elderly make the purchase. It was not that the children did not play with mobiles or tablets nowadays?

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Falgas, Catalan family company, gives life to the sector thanks to the technological transformation. Founded in 1960, during the last year it has consolidated as one of the leading companies in this industry worldwide.

"Falgas has made history this course", according to his manager, Jordi Llopart. In the main fair of the sector held in Orlando (United States), the IAAPA Trade Show, the Catalan company based in Castelló d'Empúries has won both the first and the second prize in the category of innovation with two of its new products. "Something unusual," says Llopart.

Innovation, key

Thus, the company has certified its recovery. Since 2014, the turnover of Falgas had been declining: from about 7.5 million it fell to 4.1 million euros. However, this year the data has stabilized and, in addition, will increase by 20% in 2019, up to 5 million euros, according to the forecasts.

"Everything has been thanks to innovation and technological transformation," explains the manager. The new management team, led by Llopart for a year, has adapted the children's entertainment machines to the current times. "We can not keep the traditional swing, so we have developed interactive products, with screens and more movement that make our machines more attractive for children," he says.

It is present in more than 75 countries of the world

In 2018, the more than 40 workers of Falgas have developed four new products under these premises. For next year, the Catalan company foresees a similar development, which will be promoted in the main fairs of the sector: in Dubai, in Europe and in the United States.

In this way, the family company will try Increase your sales in more than 75 countries in which it is present. Mainly, in Europe, in the Persian Gulf and in South America.

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