Fajardo: “The album ‘Intuición’ is a hymn to the essence of my creative process”

Next December, the Majorero musician based in Gran Canaria discovers a new metamusical adventure that gravitates on his subtle way of navigating the waters and that, under the title Intuición, wrapped up by the Galician trio Trilitrate, shapes his new record project. “Intuition is a hymn to the essence of my creative process, which is very intuitive, because I let myself be carried away by the watercolor of feelings and sensations that certain movements produce in me, instead of pulling by reasoning or other colder parameters”, he declares José A. Fajardo, the name behind the surname.

This new album is released on December 3 in digital and physical format


But two weeks before its release, the musician reels the repertoire of this new album together with Trilitrate (Elena Vázquez, on violin; Rubén Abad, on classical guitar; and Marcos Padrón, on accordion) next Saturday, November 20 at the framework of the Festival in Connection (FEX), in the Insular Theater Hall, where the public, in addition, will be able to access the complete album for the first time through a download code.


As a reflection of its own journey, Intuición explores different faces of Fajardo’s mirror from the poetics of the search inward: the challenge of fatherhood in Deity, the vertigo of chance in Accidents, the journey through the journey in Geometry / Geology or the burden of reasoning in Learn-Unlearn. “The album has many references to traveling and being in motion, but it also tries to scratch a bit what it is that moves us to make songs and what makes us want to show them,” says Fajardo. «I always question everything. And all that is embodied in the album.

In this sense, the artist reveals that “my process has a lot of catharsis although perhaps, when I return to those songs on stage, I will already be in a different place.” “But I like to think that if it was therapeutic for me to write this album, maybe it could also be therapeutic for others to listen to it.”

This same intuitive path involved the collective work with Trilitrate, whom Fajardo met in 2018 during the cultural journey of the long-awaited 20 Sacos Association. After a long time listening to the inner echoes of Intuición, “the idea was already haunting me that my usual guitar and voice format was not going to be repeated on this album, because my body asked me to do something collectively,” he says. Fajardo. And then Trilitrate sprang up in the land of few certainties.

“The infatuation was total,” says the musician. «I already knew that they were incredible musicians, but I get closer to people more than to the curriculum, because my experience tells me that the chemistry that exists personally tends to extend to the musical plane. And so it happened on this album.

“The album has many references to travel and being in motion,” says the musician


In addition, another of his few certainties was that “he was quite clear that the record should be as live as possible, because it is almost a house brand.” “And so we did,” he says. A six-day reserved stay at the Brazil studio, in Madrid, -three days to rehearse, another three to record-, «trying to capture that energy of facing some issues that have not been very nicked, but, basically, they record as we learn them, ”he explains, like a final sketch.

“I love doing this kind of thing, because I think it allows us to capture a certain freshness, a less mechanized energy, with more feeling, like the one that flows naturally between us and through music,” he adds. “Now I really want to play in theaters and receive the energy of the public,” he says.

The next shore after the FEX shore breaks on December 3 with the official release of the album in physical and digital format. But first, on such a day as today, the first wave of Intuición appears with the premiere of an audiovisual piece about his homonymous song, made by the Tenerife-born filmmaker Miguel G. Morales, who publishes the online magazine Muzikalia. “You are distracted by the jolts of a neon / while an intuition invades your body”, reveal the first photographs of this trip.


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