Faithful celebrate the canonization of Nazaria Ignacia, first saint of Bolivia

Faithful celebrate the canonization of Nazaria Ignacia, first saint of Bolivia

A hundred faithful today held a procession through the streets of the Andean city of Oruro (west) in celebration of the canonization of the Spanish blessed Nazaria Ignacia, considered the first saint of Bolivia.

"This day is very joyful, we are celebrating this great feast for all of us, the grace of God has been manifested by raising Nazaria Ignacia to the altars," said Jackeline Romero, representative of the Sisters Crusades, the congregation that founded the Blessed .

Pope Francis canonized today the Blessed Nazaria Ignatia with the Archbishop of San Salvador, Oscar Arnulfo Romero, Paul VI, the priests Francesco Spinelli, Vincenzo Romano, the religious Maria Katharina Kasper and the layman Nunzio Sulprizio.

The celebration began with a procession through the streets of Oruro showing for the first time the image of the life-sized saint who was blessed.

The passage of the image was accompanied by chants and prayers from the parishioners until they reached the cathedral, where a mass of thanksgiving was celebrated.

Nazaria Ignacia was born in Madrid in 1889, but most of her work was carried out in Bolivia and she is considered a visionary for her time, as she was a nun who was deeply committed to the rights of women.

Among his achievements, he managed to organize in 1933 women from the markets and businesses of Oruro, where he spent most of his life, to form what was the first women's union in Bolivia.

He also created the so-called "Pot of the Poor", social soup kitchens that continue to offer between 150 and 200 lunches daily for the needy.

The diners of these soup kitchens were those who carried on their shoulders the image of the saint in gratitude for their work.

The religious performed a missionary work in Bolivia, Uruguay, Spain and Argentina, where she died on July 6, 1943.

His remains were transferred to Oruro in 1972 and since then they remain in that Bolivian city, as Nazaria Ignacia requested before dying.

The Spanish was beatified in 1992 by Pope John Paul II.


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