Fainé and Brufau, summoned to testify as defendants on April 29 for hiring Villarejo




Isidro Fainé, former president of Caixabank, and Antonio Brufau, president of Repsol, must go to testify as accused of active bribery at the National Court on April 29. A date that comes just one day after the head of court number 6, Manuel Garcia Castellon,
I will cite them as investigated
in separate piece 21 of the macrocause on the retired commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo. The first one, at 10 a.m. and the second, at 10.15 a.m.

The case dates back to 2011 and 2012, when Caixabank and Repsol hired Villarejo to try to thwart the assault by Sacyr, a construction company then run by Luis del Rivero, together with Pemex, to take control of the oil company. The price of that order, as stated in the documentation provided to the cause, amounts to 389,400 euros, in exchange for which calls were tracked and private data collected from Del Rivero and others involved in the business deal with Pemex.

Before the declaration of the two directors, it will be the turn of other defendants from both companies. On April 27, he will go to court Antonio Massanel former Director of Media at Caixabank, and Joaquin Uris, former corporate director of Wealth Management at Repsol. A day later they will pass through the National Court Luis Suarez de Lezo, former secretary general and of the board of directors of Repsol, and Juan de Amunátegui, former corporate director of Patrimonial Services of the oil company.

In yesterday's indictment, García Castellón appreciates indications that the commission was "a joint reaction promoted" by both Fainé and Brufau in a "confluence of interests." The instructor relies, in part, on an internal Repsol report to investigate the contracts with Villarejo, of which the judge emphasizes that “the intervention of Antonio Brufau in hiring the Cenyt Group -the commissioner's company- to investigate Luis del Rivero and thus defend itself from the attempt of that, allying with Pemex, to take control of the company. «This report includes that probably in some of the usual conversations that Brufau had with the president of Caixabank Isidro Fainé, thus also pointing to him, and given the confluence of interests of both in defending themselves against Luis del Rivero and Pemex, they agreed to share the information services contracted to the Cenyt Group ", the order details, adding:" It is therefore recognized that Antonio Brufau, in his capacity as President of Repsol, was not left out ".

Beyond this, the instructor also notes that the former head of Caixabank security,
Miguel Angel Fernandez Rancaño
, He already pointed out in his statement in court last December that he dealt with the matters of this assignment directly with his superiors, in reference to his president. "He pointed out that after receiving the reports prepared from José Manuel Villarejo, he directly dispatched these issues with Isidro Fainé himself as one more point in the meetings that both held and given that his immediate superior, Massanell, indicated so", reads the order .

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