July 29, 2021

Fahrenheit 11/9: That necessary (and sometimes annoying) Moore | Culture

Fahrenheit 11/9: That necessary (and sometimes annoying) Moore | Culture

Michael Moore, on 'Fahrenheit 11/9'. In the video, Boyero talks about the documentary.

I always relate the word Fahrenheit, in an evocative way, with enormous gratitude, with that precious and shocking novel of the unforgettable Ray Bradbury. Nor do I exclude the frighteningly real possibility of becoming an increasingly close future in a man-book outlaw, that is, to learn by heart Red and black or Moby Dick (although I imagine that they will be very requested) and recite it to whoever wants it or deserves it in a world where books are forbidden and have been incinerated at the stake. Michael Moore has caught excessive interest to title their very popular and award-winning documentaries with the name of this temperature scale. Fahrenheit 9/11 it was his brilliant diatribe against the impune barbarism that he set up in Iraq, including the abject invention of weapons of mass destruction, as well as other local outrages, a grayish and smiling individual named George W. Bush.


Address: Michael Moore

Gender: documentary film. USA, 2018

Duration: 128 minutes

In Fahrenheit 11/9 (How original, how funny), the acid and necessary Pepito Grillo of American politics focuses on that evil beast known as Donald Trump, someone who has turned many of his sinister ancestors into angelic leaders of the universe. Moore applies data and his usual sarcasm to tell how the disaster occurred that someone with similar characteristics reached the presidency of the kingdom. And here God is not spared, including Hillary Clinton (there is also sugarcane for Obama) and the Democratic Party apparatus, torpedoing Bernie Sanders, convinced that someone as incredible as the uninhibited, grotesque and linguist New York builder was offside since the beginning in something as transcendent as the elections for the presidency. Fierce mistake that we will pay the inhabitants of the planet if the devil (evangelical groups and religious fundamentalists venerate Trump) does not remedy it.

Moore's language is powerful portraying a character so fearsome and disturbing. And, as always, he tells other unfortunately real stories to try to find an explanation for the sorry state of affairs in his country. Even, finding parallels between the coming to power of Trump and one Adolf Hitler. What if you pass three villages? I do not have it so clear. It is terrible what Moore tells about the governor of Michigan, someone who knowing that the water was contaminated by lead caused many inhabitants of that state to become seriously ill. Denying it, in the name of the business, supported by the political, judicial and economic power, leaving of rositas although the ignominy was verified. Moore also overturns with the hope that people who are not professional politicians, presumably honest, very angry, of different ethnic groups, enlist with faith and courage in a battle that seemed lost.

Admiring the capacity and the bad milk of this corrosive director to put in the finger in the eye of those who always win, of intolerable situations, of corporations as predatory as impunity, I am also greatly disturbed by their manipulative vocation, their genetic or vocational tendency to demagogy, his ignorance of subtlety and complexity, his sympathy for the pamphlet, his easy side, his pretension to indoctrinate. Agree that his style is original, has expressive talent and sharpness, denounces the infamy and the mechanisms of corruption used by the most powerful, but I am enervated to use traps to achieve the absolute complicity of the receiver. It is difficult not to feel empathy towards his causes, but it would be appreciated if he did not think he was so smart and that others live in limbo.


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