FAES warns that Sánchez will have to leave the "ideological polarization agenda" and remake priorities

The Foundation for Analysis and Social Studies (FAES) considers that the coronavirus crisis will lead the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, to "remake the priorities" and put aside the "ideological polarization agenda" that he agreed with the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, by closing a coalition government. In his opinion, the pandemic is going to have consequences as if it were "a war" and, therefore, "little will be left" of that agenda shared by the PSOE with "the radical populist left of Podemos".

"The coronavirus crisis is returning us to a reality in which there can be no place for the lost priorities in which our country has been trapped," says the foundation led by former President José María Aznar in an editorial note in his' Notebooks of Political Thought ', collected by Europa Press ..

FAES believes that the European Union has been "improving its response" as the extent and effects of the pandemic have become evident. As he argues, the "error" of the president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, in her first statement could be "almost providential for this amendment".

In any case, he considers that the EU "must remake its priorities and tackle at once the question of mutuality of response with all the precautions that are necessary to prevent moral hazard."

Of course, FAES expresses its concern at "a suspension without further ado" of the Stability and Growth Pact on which the euro is based. "These are extraordinary times, without a doubt, but it would be a serious irresponsibility to extend the idea that the euro has to be the price to pay to get out of the crisis caused by the pandemic," he warns.

Apart from the EU, FAES believes that the Government must also remake priorities, since it sees "evident that little will be left of that agenda shared by the PSOE with the radical populist left of Podemos." "That agenda of ideological polarization, taxes, public spending and constitutional deconstruction, carried out through the strategic pacts sealed with the independentistas, including Bildu with his denial of terrorist violence," he adds.


The foundation underlines that the reality "has little to do with the hallucinated rhetoric of populism" and adds that black swans also form part of that reality ", which again with a socialist government, did not want to see when they were already sighted in the horizon".

FAES says that March began with the "carefree" call for the 8M demonstration, "with frivolous progressive laughter on account of the coronavirus" and stresses that it has ended with the extension of the state of alarm that has led to the general suspension of various rights and freedoms fundamental, including freedom of movement and the rights to assembly and demonstration.


"The coronavirus pandemic is not a war, but its consequences are being lived as if it were," says FAES, who already warns of the consequences of a political, cultural and social order that will come later due to the coronavirus, which "becomes stronger as an agent of radical transformation. "

For all these reasons, FAES maintains that the crisis is returning to a reality in which "lost priorities cannot have a place" in which Spain has been trapped. "We will have no choice but to think much more cautiously about what we spend public money on, what causes we embrace, what debates we engage in, which politicians we can trust," he concludes.


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