Facua requires liability insurance to cover the risk of bankruptcy of dental clinics

This has been transferred by the consumer organization, after it was known that Dentix has requested the pre-bankruptcy, in order to be able to reach financing agreements with its main creditors, including its possible entry into the capital.

Almost two years after the iDental scandal broke, Facua criticized that neither the previous Executive nor the new Pedro Sánchez Government have undertaken any type of modification of the regulations that regulate dental clinics.

Facua already warned then that these laws "are insufficient to guarantee the protection of the rights of users", for which reason he demanded a series of modifications, among which is the requirement of civil liability insurance that includes the risk of closure or bankruptcy. of business.

In addition, Facua called on the Government to strengthen the controls of the administration of these clinics, to regulate the authorizations and closure procedures in those autonomous communities that did not yet do so, and to review the sanctions that should be imposed in case they incur in breaches of the rule.

He also urged that the information of the clinic that should be available to the public be regulated, both in posters and in all the documentation that is given to the user, so that users can know who to contact when claiming for a closure or any other type of problem.

The organization reminds users that, if they are affected by the closure and non-provision of the contracted services, they have the right to cancel the financing of the treatments, if they were contracted exclusively for that purpose, at the time they are interrupted.


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