Facua detects “little competition” among toy establishments

The Facua consumer association has detected “very little competition” among the main commercial areas that sell toys, since in more than half of those analyzed the price is the same or varies less than 1%.

Of the 170 toys analyzed in a study, corresponding to more than thirty brands such as Famosa, Bandai, Bizak or Disney, the price of 20 of them is exactly the same in the establishments that sell them, while 70 have a lower price difference at 1%, according to a Facua statement.

The analysis, carried out in Juguettos, Carrefour, El Corte Inglés, Eroski, Hipercor and Toys’R’Us, has also revealed that 14 of the cases show maximum price differences between 1% and 4.9%, the variations of 23 toys range from 5 to 9.9%, from 29 from 10 to 19.9%, from 21 between 20 and 29.9% and 23 from 30% or more.

The highest price difference corresponds to Mattel’s Barbie House (139.2%), which represents 29.09 euros between the most expensive cost (49.99 euros) and the cheapest cost (20.90 euros).

She is followed by Fisher Price Movi Superrobot, with a difference of 66.7%, 20 euros away between the cheapest price (29.99 euros) and the highest price (49.99 euros), and the Pack of 20 Play-Doh boats, which cost 10 euros more on the surface that sells it more expensive (24.99 euros) compared to the cheapest amount (14.99 euros).

Facua has recommended that consumers “do not get carried away by the ads that most capture the attention of children as the only element when choosing toys” and “reject those whose advertising or presentation promotes violence or sexism” .

He has also advised the purchase of recommended toys for the ages of each child whose labeling contains safety instructions or warnings in Spanish.

In addition, the association has demanded administrations to increase controls on customs imports and sales in commercial areas “to prevent the entry or withdrawal of toys that do not meet European quality standards.”


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