Facua demands that the Treasury return the maternity income tax automatically

Facua demands that the Treasury return the maternity income tax automatically

The consumer organization Facua has asked the Finance Minister, María Jesús Montero, to return the amount of the IRPF linked to the maternity benefit automatically and without the need for those affected have to claim.

Montero has received a letter in which he is reminded that there are no legal obstacles for the Tax Agency to ex officio return the undue income, and that if those affected are forced to claim, some will be left without receiving the amounts that they they correspond due to lack of time or due to lack of knowledge, Facua-Consumidores has indicated.

The association recalls in a press release that the Treasury should only notify users of the amount they will receive to be notified of their bank account or to claim if they consider the amount is wrong.

The Supreme Court has indicated in a recent ruling that the maternity benefits provided by the Social Security "are exempt from Personal Income Tax (IRPF)", so they can not be taxed on them.

Facua recalled that the improper withholding of income tax on maternity benefits affects about one million taxpayers, of whom the Tax Agency already has all the information necessary to make the return.

The refund of the money can be requested as long as the Tax Agency has not made provisional or definitive settlement for the same reason and four years have not happened, that is, only those who have received the benefit from 2014 to the present can do so.

The association, in any case, has made available to those affected a form to submit the claim to the Tax Agency on its website.


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