FACUA calls for the withdrawal of padded bikinis for five-year-old girls

The consumer organization FACUA has requested this Wednesday the withdrawal of some PatPat brand bikinis for five-year-old girls with padding in the chest area and considers this "new way of sexualizing minors at an increasingly older age" early ".

The association points out that it is "part of the perpetual objectification suffered by women from an early age", in addition to signifying "a dangerous eroticization of childhood." In addition, she insists that commercial pressures towards premature sexualization and the perpetuation of gender stereotypes must be rejected, because they damage the well-being of the youngest and carry negative consequences for self-esteem.

For the organization, the sexualization of girls' clothing represents an exaggerated incorporation of gender stereotypes and a "single image of femininity that is imposed and forced." This has a psychological impact on girls and adolescents, who could develop dissatisfaction with their body from an early age, they highlight. In addition, it limits the personal development of girls, reducing it to "worrying more and more about physical appearance."

From FACUA they warn that "the sale of this type of sexist garment is an inappropriate practice, since it implies the imposition of an adult sexuality on the girls, who are neither emotionally, nor psychologically, nor physically prepared for it in the phase of development they are in ". The association has already denounced on other occasions the sale of padded bikinis for children's sizes.


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