facts and ideology

Facts first. One. The Government has not found the key to fight against inflation, which has disrupted its intentions. Two, the regulatory complexity and administrative tangle have reduced the effectiveness of social support measures. Three, it has decided that it will not lower taxes as other countries have done, it will not even deflate them, as the three Basque Provincial Councils decided yesterday. Four. It will not lower taxes and it will not reduce expenses. Not even the duplicates or the inefficient ones. We do not know what the latter are, since he refuses to carry out a cost/benefit analysis of them. Five. He has to send a new fiscal consolidation plan to Brussels, once the previous one has been overtaken by events. How many times have you revised your forecasts and all of them down? Six. We are leaders in Europe when it comes to obtaining European funds (the expected manna), but then we lose many positions by channeling them to their recipients. France has already delivered the equivalent of 0.5% of its GDP, we less than half, 0.2%. Now the ideology. Seven. The only way to square all that is by raising the collection. It could have chosen to act on the tax base, but that does not give electoral returns. What they do give them are tax increases, as long as they affect the hated banking and the hateful energy companies. Eight. There is too much improvisation here. When it was announced fifteen days ago, the increase in collection was brought forward, but it was not known what the base of the tax would be (it has changed since the announcement) or what the rate would be. That is to say, he shot volleyball. Nine. It is very curious. When financial institutions lose money and savings banks have to be rescued with public money, we get upset. Related News standard No Treasury will tax energy sales at 1.2% and bank interest and commissions at 4.8% Daniel Caballero The Government entrusts the CNMC and the Bank of Spain to sanction companies that affect the cost to users But when they do their homework and manage to earn money we get annoyed too and decide to take it away. Ten. If the energy companies earn too much and obtain extraordinary profits (an impossible concept to specify), much of the fault will lie with the government itself, which has regulated and subjected the entire system to its criteria. Eleven . This decision sounds arbitrary, since sectoral discrimination is not understood, nor by size. Based on what criteria is it justified? Twelve o'clock. It supposes an attack against legal certainty in sectors that capture money -especially foreign- to finance their bulky investments and that remain at the mercy of the caprice of the political authorities. Eleven. In any case, not even in the most favorable scenario in which all the forecasts are met, the money collected will not be enough to cover our shortcomings. 7,000 million in two years, not enough for pensions, debt interest, aid programs, already committed deficit and NATO. Now here near.

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