August 4, 2020

Facebook works in a dark mode for your app – La Provincia

Facebookis currently working on developmenta dark modeas part of its new design, which uses dark tones in order to createa more comfortable use experience in dimly lit placesand that at the moment it is in the test phase.

The social network ofMark Zuckerberg, after setting a dark mode for your instant messaging applicationMessenger, has decided to expand this night mode to the original Facebook app. It is part of the F5 design announced by the company at its last annual developer conference.

Blogger Jane Manchun Wong has discovered in the base code of the latest update of the Facebook application a dark mode that is still under development. It is not yet known when Facebook will launch this new and expected feature since Wong has explained in a blog post that only some parts of the app are fully adapted to the dark mode.

The young technology expert – who has already made a name in the world of technology leaks – has reported that there are still sections where you can find dark text on a dark background and vice versa.

Dark mode is a trend that is set in the software of numerous mobile devicesand computers, natively through Android, iOS and Windows 10 systems, and is gradually being integrated into applications such as Chrome and Twitter.

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