Facebook will make exceptions to its rules with satirical content

Stock image of the Facebook logo.

Stock image of the Facebook logo.

Facebook has promised to add before the end of this year 2021 an update to your community policies, that determine what content is allowed, to admit satires as a new exception to their regulations on hate speech.

The social network announced this decision on Thursday after receiving a recommendation from its Content Advisory Council made up of independent experts in the wake of a case of the removal of a satirical meme related to the Armenian genocide of 1915, which represented Turkey having to choose between two options: that the genocide was a "lie" or that "The Armenians were terrorists who deserved it."

In its response, Facebook has decided "fully implement" one of the recommendations of the Advisory Council, which expressed the urgency of adding "the exception of satire, which is not currently communicated to users, in the public text of the community norms on hate speech."

Mark Zuckerberg's company has committed to updating its community standards to clarify when the satire as part of your decisions made based on the context of the post.

"This change will allow teams to consider satire when evaluating possible hate speech violations," Facebook has assured, which has promised that the new policy update will arrive before the end of 2021.


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