Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram & Oculus Down

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram & Oculus Down. Will we know if our data has been hacked?

Scary the amount of trust we put into Mark Zuckerberg and his greed driven empire. You would think that each of his networks would run on different networks, however, as you might have seen since 5pm UK time, all four have been hacked offline.

Unbelievable to think that a monopoly as big as Facebook Inc would put all their eggs and all of our personal data, including credit / debit card information onto the same network. Imagine if it was to be hacked by someone malicious, Chinese agents would love your info for example. This is probably not the case, however, will we find out? Will Facebook have the balls to tell us all what exactly happened? They have already lied to us saying “Sorry that ‘some’ of our users cannot access our services, when in fact, its every single person worldwide.

End of the day, the safest and best thing you can do is use alternative services which we have listed below:

WhatsApp = Telegram

Facebook = Chatooga.com

Instagram = Pinterest

Oculus = Sell it and get a different VR.

When the services do come back online, remove your credit cards and delete your accounts. Stop giving this greed driven billionaire monopoly your data and money. They do not respect your personal data or bank accounts at all. They put profit before humanity and deserve to stay offline.