Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Facebook, so you could change your design

Así podría cambiar el diseño de Facebook

Facebook is anxious to change its interface, but before taking the big step the technological giant could create a hybrid design between publications and stories. The idea focuses on integrate cards that can slide horizontally within the same 'feed' of news. This new development could be a serious blow to the advertising business on Facebook, as users would stop sliding down. However, the technology company has already found a solution: allow traditional news and announcements to appear in the middle of the stories.

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In an image of what would be the appearance of this hybrid design you can see in the middle of the screen a traditional publication and in the other half, a story. The company founded by Mark Zuckerberg, meanwhile, has not yet made any comment about it. So, according to TechCrunch, this interface could be on a trial basis and could even never be launched. But, given that Facebook's forecast points to the number of stories will exceed the number of publications in all their social networks This year, it is normal for the technological giant to consider a design change. Facebook and Messenger already have 300 million daily users through the stories; in the case of Instagram this figure rises to 500 million, while the WhatsApp states have 450 million users.

This hybrid design was discovered by the applications specialist Jane Manchun Wong in the Android version of Facebook. In this prototype, users can slide to the left to reveal the following content, which can include both publications of the traditional 'feed' of news, as announcements or stories. In addition, users can touch "Like", react or comment on news publications while they are in the interface.

The news feed with vertical scrolling is useful for exploring content with a lot of text, but browsing requires more work. Users have to stop and move accurately to have a full publication in view. Conversely, the stories offer a more comfortable navigation style where publications are always fully visible. In addition, only one touch is needed to go to the following content. This allows a fast forward, which works well with more visual content.

While the overcrowding of text-filled publications may not be ideal, at least they could get more attention. The company has already repeatedly warned that there is no space for more ads in the 'feed'. In addition, users are changing their viewing time and are investing in stories where advertisers are still acclimating.

Users are changing their viewing time and are investing in stories where advertisers are still acclimating

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