December 3, 2020

Facebook pay users for recordings to improve their voice recognition – La Provincia

The social networkFacebookwill pay users for their voice recordings, which the company will use toimprove your voice recognition technology, with a new program within your applicationViewpoints.

The company will allow users to send their voice recordings through a new program called ‘Pronunciations‘in its Facebook Viewpoints market research application.

Those who wish to be part of the program should record themselves saying ‘Hey Portal’and the name of one of his friends from the social network. Each user can do it with up to ten friends and must record each one twice, as reported by The Verge.

However, Facebook will not pay much for the recordings. Each recording offers the user 200 points for the Viewpoints application anduntil you get a thousand points, you cannot transform them into money.

For every thousand points, the company offers users a reward of $ 5(around 4.60 euros), an amount you will pay through PayPal.

According to ‘The Verge’, Facebook has affirmed that the voice recordings will not be linked to the profile of the users’ social network and the company will not share the activities that it performs in Viewpoints in its Facebook account.

The ‘Pronunciations’ program can only be submitted by Facebook usersAmericans over 18 and have more than 75 friends on the social network.

The announcement of this program comes after Facebook confirmed in August that it was using human employees to listen to user conversations in Messenger with the aim of improving transcriptions in the messaging service.

The company said in a statement to Europa Press that a week earlier “like Apple and Google,” it had “stopped auditing with humans.”

Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft were other companies that also admitted to hiring people to transcribe conversations of their users in order to improve the quality of voice recognition services and their Artificial Intelligence.


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