Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Facebook paid to listen and transcribe voice chats in Messenger

New complaint about lack of privacy on Facebook. This time it affects your courier service, Messenger. And it seems that the company of Mark Zuckerberg I would have paid contractors to listen and transcribe users' voice chats

According to a report published by Bloomberg, Facebook has been collecting audio from users' voice chats. However, the company does not explain in its data usage policies that it collects the audio from the chats or that it sends those data to people for transcription.

Facebook collect the audio messages and causes contractors to transcribe the data to verify the accuracy of their automated voice recognition systems. Apparently, those responsible for making the transcripts did not know their origin. Some of the contractors point out that the content was vulgar and they did not understand why Facebook asked for these transcripts.

Others have explained that they felt that what they were doing was unethical because Facebook had not informed users that they would have access to users' audio data.

The company has acknowledged that it carried out this activity but ensures that it has recently stopped. "Like Manzana Y Google, we stopped the human audio review more than a week ago, ”they say.

This information comes at a time when Facebook privacy practices They have been under intense scrutiny. Last July, the company agreed to pay a fine of $ 5 billion to resolve an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission on whether it had violated the terms of a previous agreement on how it handled user data.

Do we give up without knowing it or by deception our privacy to the Apps?

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