May 30, 2020

Facebook Messenger alert of scam attempts – La Provincia

The messaging application ofFacebook, Messenger,will notify users when they receive suspicious messagesto alert them to possible scam attempts or other potentially harmful actions.

Messenger’s new security feature will point out themessages received from suspicious contacts, and in a pop-up window it will notify of possible impersonations, if it detects, for example, that the account from which the message is sent is very similar to that of another user.

It will also alert you to possible scam attempts,for example, from messages requesting payments, or from adult content, especially when users are minors, as Engadget collects.

The companyuses a machine learning systemto detect anomalies, such as a mass sending of messages in a short period of time, or many requests to minor users. In addition, with the notification it will offer the user options such as blocking or ignoring.

As explained in TechCrunch, this functionstarted testing on Android in March,and it’s coming to iOS next week.


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