Facebook launches a simpler version of Messenger – The Province

Facebook has launchedMessenger 4, a simplified version of your messaging application that reduces the number of tabs to three for users to findin an easier waythe features they are looking for, as well as new options to customize the color of the bubbles in the conversations.

Messenger 4 is born of Facebook's attempt to deepen the "proximity and proximity" to make the Messenger application easier, according to the company through a press release. This version of 'software' has begun to be released this Wednesday and will be distributedGraduallyduring the next weeks.

Facebook defends that Messenger 4 allows "a simpler way to be connected with your people". The company has shared the results of a study of its own in which it is stated thatthe71% of people value simplicityas the main characteristic within an application.

Color customization options

As new features introduced, Messenger 4 hasthree tabsto look for characteristics, reducing this amount with respect to the nine present in previous versions.

The first of these windows is'Chat Tab', which collects all conversations, both individual and group. The company states that within this section, Messenger will have "visual communication functions" as the camera feature, located at the top, to share selfies.

Another one of the tabs is the'People Tab', where all the friends are added and where you can see their activity status, as well as the stories they publish. By last,'Discover Tab'allows different functions such as buying products, using games instantly or follow the news among others.

The new version of Messenger also has settings to customize the colors of chat bubbles through color gradients that can change as you go down a conversation.

The company highlights that, although this is a simplified version of the application, Messenger 4 will have allthe features that "allow people to connect", so that none of the preferred functions of the users will change.

Facebook communicates the launch of Messenger 4in phases, as well as the arrival of new features to the 'app' in the near future, such as dark mode or a new interface that reduces the brightness of the phone. The new version will be launched globally gradually over the next few weeks


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