March 5, 2021

Facebook: Facebook has used since 2016 a tool to detect hoaxes about itself on Facebook and WhatsApp | Innovation

Facebook has been using an internal tool since 2016, known as StormChaser (storms, in Spanish), which he used until last year 2018 to detect hoaxes and false news about himself on his platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.

This is what they have assured three former employees of the company to the Bloomberg agency, according to Europa Press. In addition to StormChaser they mention the existence of a second tool known as Night's Watch (the Night's Watch, in reference to the series Game of Thrones), also to detect news about the company itself, although this time not false.

StormChaser stopped being used in mid-2018, for no known reason.

Facebook employees used StormChaser since 2016 to investigate the disclosure of hoaxes and theories of the conspiracy as one in which it was ensured that Facebook used its users through the microphones of mobile phones, as well as another that assured that the company I would start charging users.

In addition, it was also used to track critical streams such as the DeleteFB movement, which encouraged users to delete their accounts on the social network, or even memes and jokes about the company and its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

The company's staff prepared content to discredit the hoaxes it found and these contents were shown to users every time they received them, according to internal documents. StormChaser was used for this function at least in the Philippines and the United States.

This information was also used to know the opinion of users about the company to prepare their decisions, according to Bloomberg. StormChaser stopped being used in mid-2018, for no known reason.

Night's Watch was also used WhatsApp, although the application has end-to-end message encryption. For this, the company analyzed in Facebook publications in which references were made to WhatsApp messages.

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