Facebook destines a new section of Tributes for deceased users - The Province

Facebookhas introduced a series of novelties in its homonymous social network with which it seeks to help usersafter the death of a friend or relative,among which the creation of a new section known asTaxes, which organizes all the content about a person after his death.

This has been announced in a statement by the head of operations of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, who has ensured that with the new features the platform aims to "help people to support each other while honoring the memory of their loved ones."

The Tributes section unites under the same tab the contents in memory of deceased persons, which currentlyreceive 30 million views every month on Facebook,so that their relatives can post souvenir messages keeping the original publications of the user.

Likewise, Facebook has added new possibilities for family and friends to manage the account of a deceased person, introducing the possibility of moderating comments in the Taxes section, with actions such as changing labels or selectingwhich users can comment and see the publications.

These functions are intended for families to control the contents they are not prepared to receive. Facebook does not allowminors manage the account to a deceased,but it has added the possibility of creating this type of memorial accounts after the death of a minor.

In addition, the social network has begun to use Artificial Intelligence mechanisms to identify cases in which a person has died and, before their family and friends decide to open a Tribute account, limits the occasions in which the profile appears in situations thatthey can cause discomfort, such as invitations to events.


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