Facebook continues with its plan to introduce ads on WhatsApp – La Provincia

Facebookmaintains its plans to introduce advertising in the States ofWhatsApp, something he announced in 2018, and is currently working on ways to implement thesecustom adsusing information from Facebook accounts, according to The Information.

The American company announced in 2018 its intention to add adsin WhatsApp States, which does not have monetization mechanisms. However, earlier this year, according to The Wall Street Journal, Facebookdissolved the team of professionals who worked in the functionand removed the developed code.

Today, these plans have not been abandoned, according to the portal The Information, and Facebook, owner of WhatsApp since 2014,plans to introduce advertising in the future, when he advances in his plan to unify the company’s messaging applications: Instagram Direct, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Facebook has confirmed through a statement sent to Edgadget that the announcements in the WhatsApp States “remain as a long-term opportunity” for the application.

To decide which ads to show with this feature,WhatsApp studies crossing data with Facebook accounts, so that each user receives personalized advertising.

However, some Facebook members do not support this measure, fearing that users will delete their accounts on the social network for this reason and also for possible antitrust sanctions from regulatory agencies in the United States such as the Federal Communications Commission, FTC, which is already investigating to the company.


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